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Our Awesome Story

We don’t just build websites and walk away. We partner with companies to develop continually evolving sales entities that dynamically adapts to your client’s shifting needs and constantly works to grow the rate, frequency, and quality of conversions. Whether you come on board for a single page website design, or require a complete digital marketing solution, we have the processes in place to build dynamic integrated website designs and search engine optimization that propels your business forward, and serves as a constantly evolving tool for inbound marketing, lead generation, and sales.

Nobody hires us to create something ordinary or stand back and shut up. We’re a team of brutally honest experts in our field building long-term relationships with clients through measurable, informed website design and actionable digital marketing strategies.

Formed by some of the brightest minds in a diverse range of creative and website design fields, Ditibit Web Solutions prides itself on delivering powerful unique products that are easy to use while still having the familiar feel of the latest and greatest technologies. Whether it be a legacy application converted to a website based solution, or a custom tailored website design that drives your marketing goals. We are dedicated to bringing our in-depth experience to the table in order to give you the very best platform for your company to grow on.

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Our Skills

A great website design can set you apart from your competitors in highly competitive market places. Work with one of the Gulf Coasts leaders in SEO services (search engine optimization), Graphic Design, Branding, and Website Design and help get your new or existing company seen by the right clients!


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Our Timeline

We have created hundreds of amazing web designs through the years. What we love about it most is getting to know and working with our amazing clients. Who, like us, have an idea that they want to share with the online world.

2014 & Beyond

Almond Development Re-brands as Ditibit Web Solutions

We have shifted our view and broadened our focus from just web applications alone at Ditibit. We had always built websites and pooured a ton of passion into the design aspects of all of our software products and now it was time to officially open up to more website design projects and graphic design requests.  What we found is that we love both sides of the web world both back-end coding and front end design.  Naturally this led us to star offering our in depth knowledge of SEO (search engine optimization) and today they all remain a part of our core services.


Crossmarket Software is launched

During our first two years we learned a lot about what it takes to develop, design and support a major piece of software.  After perfecting our knowledge we released our groundbreaking multilevel  marketing software to the public.   Built on the django platform it was faster and more efficient than any other software on the market with a third less of the code base.


Almond Development is founded!

Formed in 2010 and our goal was to bring cutting edge easy to use web based software to the business and private sector. We handled a large variety of projects from mobile apps to complete turn key software solutions for the affiliate market space.

  1. Company Formed
  2. First Contracts For Development Signed
  3. Signed client in England for website development

Created our first version of multi-level marketing software for use with Cash Back Card in the United Kingdom.  Original software was a php based framework that allowed for binary comp plans and online ordering.